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The Tatrai Giving Fund donates to carefully assessed charitable causes in line with the Fund's Charter. Much of our funding is untied. We'd rather charities not spend countless hours writing grant submissions and project evaluations driven by administration requirements. We'd prefer they spend most of their time executing their core objective - helping others in need in their own specific way.

Giving Fund Charter summary...the directors, owners, staff and their families feel very strongly about ensuring we give the next generation the best possible chance to thrive. We believe this encompasses several broad areas which, over time, the Giving Fund will aim to support. Such areas include: family healthcare, education, mental health, indigenous youth organisations, equality and justice issues and poverty reduction.

Nathan Parkin (left) and Matt Nacard (right) stand in front of the partially built school they helped fund. It was completed in 2017. The school is in the small Cambodian village of Tatrai, after which the Tatrai Giving Fund is named.

Matt Nacard

Over the last ten years in particular, Matt has used his experience and skills to contribute to disadvantaged groups in Australia and overseas. He has been a Non-Executive Director of batyr since 2012 focusing on strategic input, fundraising and in the financial aspects of the organisation. batyr is an Australian based charity which aims to reduce the stigma surrounding young people’s mental ill-health.

He was a member of Macquarie Foundation Global Committee from 2014 to 2017, which had a particular focus on the reduction of modern slavery in Asia as well as managing business charitable donations in India. He was a judge in the Macquarie Foundation Kickstarter Awards each year from 2011 - 2014 which aimed to help start-up charitable organisations.

In 2016 the Nacard and Parkin families went to Cambodia raising A$250,000 to build a school and a medical centre and in 2017 returned to help build the school in Tatrai village. Matt was an organiser of Kilos4Kids, Macquarie Securities Australia’s major fund raising drive raising ~A$1m for charity over 2011-2015 and was a participant in the Po Leung Kuk Mentoring Program in Hong Kong.

Matt is particularly passionate about young people’s charities in the areas of sustainable improvement in education, poverty reduction and mental health.

Robyn Parkin

Robyn has always been passionate about making a difference and caring for those in need. She is currently studying her Masters of International Development through RMIT in Melbourne and also holds postgraduate qualifications in International Public Health from UNSW.

Robyn is particularly passionate about children's health, wellbeing and development. Prior to working with Ethical Partners, Robyn was a Registered Nurse working in Neonatal Intensive Care, Paediatrics and Child and Family Health. She and Nathan have also been very involved over the past few years, in spending time in and supporting many community-level programs in Cambodia, such as Maternity Clinics, bicycle school transport programs, income generating agriculture programs, urban slum educational programs and, along with the Nacard Family, fund-raising for and building the Tatrai school in rural Cambodia, after which the giving fund is named.

Robyn also has a long history of volunteering with many local community organisations, such as World Vision, Samaritans Purse Australia, Austcare, Meals on Wheels, the Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Red Nose Day and Lifestart Austism services.

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