Bandu fills the gap for First Nations students

April 14, 2024

Bandu is a majority First Nations-led social enterprise and registered charity committed to supporting young First Nations People as they work towards their life and career goals. They connect student  participants with the right people in the right organisations, providing successful study and  work placements aligned to that individual’s aspirations. First Nations students often have extensive support networks while at school. However when they choose to study at University or Tafe after school, their support networks often fall away. Bandu aims to fill that gap between the time school finishes and further study after school is completed.

Bandu was founded in 2022 by Ed Morgan and Wiradjuri Man Aidan Porter. Both Ed and Aidan are passionate about addressing the existing Gaps in Tertiary Education and Employment, and do so with a really simple solution: Removing unnecessary hurdles in the lives of our Participants so they can focus on thriving in their study and work.

Bandu started supporting 15 students. By the start of 2024 it had over 75 participants engaging with the Bandu program. Its goal is to give every young person who aspires to the life of their choosing, the support they need to do so. Education and employment are the key elements to a positive, fulfilling life. We work in partnership with its Participants, Corporate Supporters, and Donors, to see our young people thrive.

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