Seeing Auscam's operations on the ground in Phnom Penh

June 5, 2023

At the current time, girls in Cambodia are facing a new and rapidly growing threat. Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) is estimated to directly impact 11% of Cambodian children, some 160,000 lives that are traumatised and damaged each year - and this number is growing

Auscam’s focus is to build resilience in, equip and empower girls and young women so they are protected from, and prevent Online Child Sexual Exploitation.

Ethical Partners Tatrai Giving Fund has provided support to Auscam to assist in its programmes in this area. We participated in workshops in Phnom Penh where groups of terrific Cambodian young women developed YouTube videos as part of campaigns to warn their peers against the dangers of online exploitation.

The Giving Fund’s funding will specifically be used towards:

- The provision of 40+ hour Computer course and campaign incubator training created and piloted with 25 young women

- The provision of refurbished computers available for small groups of girls to borrow to enable application and study outside of the training course

- A contribution towards the salaries of facilitation staff

- The provision of online computer and campaign incubator training course modules created with influencers to allow unlimited replication of training - shared on our website and linked to social media posts

- School and community outreach,  campaigns  funded at end of the computer course

- Girls Leadership Council Reflection and Planning retreat

We look forward to learning more about the fine work from the Auscam team. There is nothing like seeing the team in action on the ground in order to get a good read on the impact the group is making.

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