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Ethical Partners Funds Management is a boutique Australian fund manager owned and run by its founders Nathan Parkin and Matt Nacard. Ethical Partners Funds Management is a bottom up, long only stock picker.

The investment process examines financial strength, cash flow metrics, shareholder structure and management and utilises the proprietary Ethical Partners Operational Risk Assessment (EPORA). Ethical Partners Funds Management, AFSL 504749, is licensed to manage money on behalf of institutional, professional and sophisticated investors.


We are accountable for the decisions we make to all our stakeholders. We are accountable for performance. We are accountable for our clients’ money. We realise that there are consequences to the actions we take. We will stand by our decisions and what we believe in. We won’t always be right but we will always be accountable.

The confidence to be different.

We understand that our views on companies, the market and the way we invest may be different to a majority of others. We have the confidence in our process, our approach and our decisions. Sometimes the best decisions for the long term are the ones that aren’t recognised at the time or require courage of their conviction in the short term.

Only shares of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that pass our strict assessment of a company’s balance sheet, operating cash flow and company management assessment in addition to the EPORA will be selected and owned. In our view, sustainable and responsible investing needs to be underpinned by sound financial fundamentals.

We believe that using information from both traditional sources such as annual reports and financial statements as well as non-traditional sources such as company sustainability reports, ESG investment reports, company human rights and environmental policies gives us a unique insight into business operations, potential opportunities for growth and threats to future revenues.

We reserve the right not to do business with vendors that do not share and demonstrate our commitment to compliance with local and internationally accepted labour and employment laws. We seek partners that take ESG investing seriously and believe in investing responsibly.

We do not believe that we can be investing sustainably but not source sustainably. We endeavour to ethically source which includes an expectation that all vendors, including sub-contractors engaged by vendors, must comply with certain requirements such as wages, benefit policies, working hours, no forced labour, no discrimination, health and safety and business integrity.

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