CCF dinner to fund Foster Care programme

January 8, 2024

In October 2023, Ethical Partners Tatrai Foundation organised a dinner for the benefit of CCF's Foster Care Programme. The dinner was generously hosted by Macquarie Foundation which also matched A$50,000 of donations as well. Is there a better big company Foundation in Australia than the Macquarie Foundation? If there is, we aren't aware of it. The Jackson Kemper Foundation out of the US also matched to the tune of A$102,600 and Ethical Partners chipped in A$25,000. But none of that matching happens if we didn't get A$79,600 donated by a small group of guests on the night. An incredible result from a very generous bunch of people.

All donations will fund CCF’s community based Foster Care Program ensuring that all of the children there get to experience a stable family home where they are well cared for and have access to CCF’s education program. This also includes support for CCF’s unique all female 'Girls2Grannies' village caring for at-risk students.

Thanks to Scott, Nicky, Isabella and of course Sattya Kan and Sina Nov from CCF for such a wonderful evening.

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