Ethical Partners assists with trafficking prevention in Cambodia

March 31, 2022

With the rise in cases of sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, caused in large part by the global pandemic, coordinated prevention efforts are critical. This is why Ethical Partners has decided to fund AusCam’s Freedom Line — Cambodia’s only 24-hour hotline specifically for adolescent girls at risk of being exploited — as well as their mentoring, specialised trauma counselling and crisis support.

AusCam’s Executive Director, Jessie Teerman, said “We love that the Ethical Partners Tatrai Giving Fund is giving the next generation the best opportunities possible. When girls in Cambodia are born into a vicious cycle of gender inequality and violence, they have no chance to thrive in life and their potential is lost. This project with Ethical Partners is so critical because not only will it protect girls today, it will actively disrupt that cycle that left them vulnerable in the first place. Ending trafficking feels like an impossible job, but we’re watching it happen every day, for each girl we reach”.

Since 2012, AusCam has intervened in thousands of cases of girls at risk of trafficking, exploitation and abuse. With this grant, AusCam will also be able to promote their Freedom Line on a larger scale to reach more girls than ever before.

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