Together We Can

July 26, 2022
ESG Insights

In the face of a constant stream of bad environmental reports, complex policy debates and countless backwards and forwards steps to address the climate crisis, we can all agree that there is an overwhelming need for optimism and hope in the challenges facing our world today.

Claire's uplifting, thought provoking and encouraging book shows us just that - hope - that despite all the climate change "bad news" we see constantly, change IS happening, people are connecting and using their courage, skills and influence in so many different areas to call for change. We were so privileged to speak with Claire, hear her passion for these stories and share ours.

Ethical Partners Funds Management shares the belief in the power of superannuation to create positive change and the crucial role for the investors to manage these funds to drive forward these conversations, engage with companies, vote, call for change and be part of the wider civil society movement towards hope .

Thank you so much Claire, for allowing us to raise our voice with all these other inspiring people - and we can't wait to see what further action your book inspires.

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