The Obesity Collective and PwC, Ethical Partners Case Study

November 19, 2022
ESG Insights

We also believe that there is a responsibility for ASX listed companies and investors alike to better consider how they can address Child Rights through their impact in this area. We were therefore recently proud to be included as a case study in this recent report by the The Obesity Collective and PwC on Obesity, Health and Nutrition.

It was a pleasure to talk with The Obesity Collective about our consideration of this issue in our investment process, our ongoing engagements with ASX listed portfolio companies on this issue, our recent research into ASX listed companies focus on health and nutrition in conjunction with UNICEF Australia, and our collaboration with the Access to Nutrition Initiative on this important topic.

It is also good to see throughout this report the committed action on this topic across a wide spectrum of stakeholders in this report, such as the two ASX listed companies profiled - Lend Lease - in regards to how the built environment can prioritize health - and Woolworths Group discussing their 2025 Sustainability Targets on health and nutrition. The report also showcases the work of PwC regarding considering diversity, inclusion, stigma and belonging in relation to the lived experience of obesity, and the non-profit group Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds and their work promoting health in the transport, warehousing and logistics industries. Thank you to the The Obesity Collective for including the focus on the importance of responsible investors playing our part within this diverse group of stakeholders towards addressing this crucial systemic social issue.

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