Plastic Free July

July 13, 2021
ESG Insights

Plastic Free July is a month to remember and commit to reducing our impact on the environment through our usage of plastics.  It is becoming increasingly clear we can no longer ignore the risks of a linear economy, in which raw natural resources are taken, transformed into products and then disposed. As investors, we are also increasingly aware of the financial risks related to plastic pollution as a global driver of biodiversity loss and climate change. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has only accelerated the usage of single-use plastics over the last 18 months making concerted action by corporates, investors, and consumers on plastics even more crucial. Ethical Partners is therefore taking the opportunity of Plastic Free July to refresh our commitment to:

•       reducing our own internal plastic consumption and waste generation, and to

•       participate in collaborations and policy advocacy for action on plastics.

•       continuing to assess and engage our portfolio companies on their plastics footprint and the move to a circular economy model.

Please read more about our thoughts, commitments in the attachment.  

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