Oxford University Impact Investing Program

January 13, 2022
ESG Insights

For Ethical Partners the learnings are constant in both a both formal and informal way. In terms of formal learning, Robyn, our Head of Sustainability recently completed a University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership Sustainable Finance Course and our Sustainability Analyst, Georgina Murray, received a scholarship to study an Oxford University SAID Business School Impact Investing Program . Both of these courses provided our team with the chance to learn and to collaborate with other investors to debate, tackle and discuss the challenges and the opportunities we collectively face.

It is very clear as we emerge from COP26 that a focus on impact is absolutely crucial to addressing both our global challenges and our global goals, as well as Ethical Partners' own targets, commitments and purpose.

In this article Georgie discusses her Oxford course, her reflections on her learnings, the challenges and crucial nature of understanding impact, and how Ethical Partners continues to learn and evolve its focus on the impact of our investments.

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