Mental Health and wellbeing in the workplace

March 14, 2023
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Ethical Partners believes that Mental Health and psychosocial safety is a crucial area of ESG analysis for investors, and an area which ASX listed companies should focus on creating genuine impact for their employees.

Thankfully, this is an area that has had an increase in attention over the course of COVID, as well as through the increased focus on sexual harassment, bullying and racism over the past few years - but unfortunately, our company analysis consistently shows that this is an area in which companies still need to increase their commitments, accountability, governance,  and reporting. As such, we are actively asking all portfolio companies to increase their openness on mental health and move towards creating a culture that is supportive of mental health and psychosocial recovery.

Ethical Partners has therefore also collaborated on this report with Batyr, who have long championed openness on mental health, to encourage further focus and conversation on this issue across the ASX listed landscape, but also to provide companies with some practical ideas, case studies and resources to help build that supportive environment in a genuine, transparent and committed way.

This report also includes a case study with Mirvac, one of our portfolio companies, which shows how they are leading in addressing this important social risk factor and opportunity, and details some of the key enablers to integrating mental health and wellbeing into their company culture. These actions include their leadership involvement right to CEO level, their flexibility processes, their strong focus on gender equality and evolving their EAP. In particular, the inclusion of a dedicated focus on Mental Health as a safety concern at board level (through their Board Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Committee), which is a key ask of the Respect at Work Report by Elizabeth Broderick, and a key engagement ask for Ethical Partners of all ASX companies, is commendable.

Download the report below - “Trust, empathy and authenticity: Promoting Mental Health and wellbeing in the workplace’”. We look forward to sharing more on our analysis and our engagements on this critical issue with ASX listed companies over the coming months.

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