Integrating Child Rights across the ASX: Part B

September 11, 2022
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Part B of the Report offers guidance for companies in ten steps on how they can better protect and respect children’s rights throughout their own operations. These areas include guidance on: governance and commitment, managing impacts on children’s rights, and reporting and disclosure. 214 Australian organisations were benchmarked (the ASX 200 and 14 companies from the ASX 300) with companies subsequently provided with their results, and a chance to provide additional disclosures or to clarify the findings.

“As the world’s largest children’s organisation, working in over 190 countries to promote the rights and wellbeing of all children, UNICEF Australia encourages businesses and investors to recognise the importance of children, to engage with children as a stakeholder group, and look to how their operations and decisions intersect with the direct and indirect impacts on the lives of every child. As an absolute minimum, every large organisation should have a child safeguarding policy,” said Tony Stuart, UNICEF Australia CEO.

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