Human Rights in Myanmar: Georgina's story

July 13, 2021
ESG Insights

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"It was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I saw huge numbers of people arriving starving, sick, injured and in need of urgent life saving supplies. These people, many of whom had lost members of their families, were truly haunted by what they had witnessed. I met grown men who were crying as they retold their stories. I met and saw children who were drawing pictures of the atrocities that they had seen. I met young teenage girls who had seen and witnessed violence and rape that was unimaginable as well as now having the responsibility to care for younger siblings as they had lost parents. These fear stricken Rohingya people were living in uncertainty of not wanting to stay in a refugee camp but at the same time didn’t want to return home to the violence. Many of them asked us not to force them home."

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