Founding signatory to the Global Investor Statement on Workplace Mental Health

August 3, 2022
ESG Insights

This investor initiative calls on companies to:

- acknowledge workplace mental health as an important issue and report annually on progress

- signal the board and senior management’s commitment to promoting mental health with clear objectives and targets

- publish a policy statement outlining the scope of the company’s commitment and the governance and management processes in place to ensure effective implementation.

This initiative is a group of twenty-nine asset owners, institutional investors and stewardship service providers with a collective US$7 trillion in assets, and follows the launch of CCLA’s Corporate Mental Health Benchmark – UK 100 in May. CCLA will also be launching a Global 100 benchmark in October.

As noted by Amy Browne, Stewardship Lead at CCLA, “creating a workplace that does no harm to the mental or physical health of workers is not only a moral necessity but also a financial imperative. In creating a positive environment for workplace mental health, companies will boost their ability to retain skilled employees, increase their productivity and reduce their financial outgoings.”

Ethical Partners Funds Management looks forward to elevating this conversation and the engagement objectives of this initiative with ASX listed companies as well over the coming year.

The Full text of the Investor Statement can be downloaded below.

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