Ethical Partners Investment Climate Change Policy

January 7, 2020
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At EPFM, we have undertaken several measures to ensure our investments are positioned for Climate Change.

While we apply some negative screening and avoid investing in some sectors completely, we consider Climate Change in all investments.

Our in-house proprietary investment process, the EPORA (Ethical Partners Operational Risk Assessment), considers companies’ policies, procedures, practices, investments,reporting, trajectory and commitment to Climate Change. It considers the companies’ or sectors’ relevant material Climate Change issues, controversies,and positive actions that have been undertaken to address these, as well as any inconsistencies, concerns and red flags as regarding how a company is addressing Climate Change. Wehave had over 500 company meetings with senior management since the launch of the inception of EPASF in August 2018.

Engagement is undertaken by each analyst, supported by our Sustainability and Advocacy Manger, the Investment Director and the CEO, and includes engagement with sustainability teams, risk management, investor relations, CEOs, and Boards. It may involve site visits, meetings, or ESG advocacy activities like EPFM speaking with banking fossil fuel lending teams, advising agricultural companies’ sustainability teams about investor expectations, educating investor relations about client exclusions on their stock due to fossil fuel lobbying concerns, or advising health insurers on sector collaboration and down-stream emissions reporting expectations.

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