ESG Reporting Season Wrap: Market focus increases significantly

September 13, 2021
Major Reports

A recent report by Pimco in May this year found that the mention of ESG issues on corporate earnings calls had skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. Pimco found that on their analysis of 10,000 global companies that before 2018, less than 1% of Earnings Calls mentioned ESG. In 2019 that rose to 5% of earnings calls, and in May 2021, that rose again to 19% of earnings calls.

It was very clear to us that there was an even bigger increase this reporting season though, so we thought we would undertake some internal analysis. Our sustainability team reviewed every FY21 Financial Results Presentation for all S&P/ASX 300 companies that reported to see whether ESG was included. We found that the mentions of ESG issues has shot up to 61%.

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