Australian Share Fund Net Zero 2050

August 10, 2021
ESG Insights

Ethical Partners has, since inception, carefully considered climate change risk within our investment process, and integrated the opportunities and risks presented by climate change and the journey to a low-carbon world. We are excited to now extend this into a formal commitment to a Net-Zero 2050 target for the Ethical Partners Australian Share Fund. Ethical Partners also continues to manage our mandate portfolios in line with clients’ own individual climate change commitments. Ethical Partners will be now working towards setting clear and actionable interim targets to reach the 2050 goal, and ideally, bring that goal forward.

We look forward to discussing this target with our clients, continuing our learning about how we can achieve these targets, continuing our advocacy on climate policy development, and continuing to engage with all our portfolio companies on how they can achieve these goals alongside ourselves as investors.

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