2021-2022 Modern Slavery Statement

January 13, 2023
Major Reports

Ethical Partners Funds Management is very pleased to share our recently released FY 2021-2022 Voluntary Modern Slavery Statement.

This report details our genuine, detailed, and deep integration of modern slavery, as well as many of its key drivers and root causes, into our investment analysis, engagements, and wider advocacy activities. It also details several key topical focus areas for this period, including Uyghur Forced Labour, health Care as a high-risk area (particularly pertinent during COVID), living wage, geographical risk, the interconnections between Child Rights and modern slavery, the quality of modern slavery reporting, and our many of our successful direct and collaborative engagements.

This voluntary statement further reflects our strong belief that it is as important for investors to be transparent about how we consider modern slavery, within both our own operation and our investment portfolios as it is for the companies whom we are expecting this from.

Please find our full statement attached.

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